There is no “away.”

What does this mean? “I’m going to throw this (cup, chair, food, trash) away.” What are you saying? Do you have any idea where whatever you’re tossing is going? How long it will take to break down and decompose back into our Earth? Will it even decompose? What animals will try and eat this? Are there other options besides throwing it “away?”

What you throw “away” goes somewhere; we must be more mindful of our consumption.


It’s one of the most basic things you can do to reduce waste in your neighborhood. Best of all, it’s FREE – you just have to take a minute to figure a few things out:
Basic recycling points

Information on recycling in your area (enter your zip code in top left)

Besides traditional recycling, check out Craigslist (if you haven’t yet, and especially if you’re in your 20’s and haven’t yet, then you really need to get on this…!) where you can sell, give, or barter “away” your things

Other Forms of Easy Activism:

1. You can write letters to the editor of local and national papers about issues
2. You can call your Congressman/woman about issues
3. Bumper stickers – fyi: approximately 400,000 people read a bumper sticker on the rear of a car annually

Eco-games/interactive websites:

You can visit this site to determine your ecological footprint
Lorax game

Groups Worth a Glance:

The Grist
Sustain Us

Green Drinks

Have you had your green hour?


4 Responses to “There is No Away”

  1. alex Says:

    que significa no away

  2. […] and privileged. If we don’t want to deal with reusing or repurposing something, we toss it away out of sight (and out of mind). Ultimately, though, this solid waste ends up burned, buried or just […]

  3. […] our interconnectedness. It was the biologist Barry Commoner who first made the statement, “There is no away.” One of his four laws of ecology states that “Everything Must Go Somewhere. There is no […]

  4. […] action groups have been pointing out for years, “There is no ‘away.’” See blog post. In pre-industrial days, when we ate with fingers from leaves or calabash bowls, […]

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