Rush Limbaugh appeared on his show in a “blue funk” the other day, and ranted about NBC’s Green is Universal campaign, as well as the Powershift 2007 conference. What was Power Shift you ask? More than 5,500 young people descended upon The University of Maryland to participate in a global warming conference this past weekend. Then, 3,000 students traveled to Capitol Hill on Monday and lobbied their Congressmen and women about the single greatest issue our planet is facing: global warming. These students came on their own accord and their swift action signals a return of college activism!

Limbaugh, however, chose to mock the testimony of a Yu’pik Inuit college student, Cheryl Lockwood, and falsely claimed that she was a little girl being used by the Democratic party. He further ridiculed her for becoming overwhelmed with emotion upon discussing the loss of her heritage and wild places. Read the insulting and ignorant transcript of the show. But, don’t stop there. Do something — how are the Congressmen that represent Cheryl Lockwood going to respond? They need to stand up and get this fool off of the air… so far they’ve had no comment……

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And/or: Copy and paste this email, send it to him, to Premiere Radio Networks.

Rush Limbaugh - send him home!


Rush –

Here you go, another email from a well educated individual upset about the absolutely ludicrous ramble you heartlessly let out on air two days ago. Cheryl Lockwood is NOT a little girl, she is 18 and a fully entitled adult. The thousands of young people that descended upon the University of Maryland and Captiol Hill came uninvited by Democrats or Republicans. They came to push their own agenda, not the agenda of any political party and they made a strong statement about global warming. They were talking about economic opportunities and the need for government action against a real and severe threat to our country’s economic and physical survival, problems that need to be solved and solutions that would be good for our country no matter where you align politically.

It is disgusting that you chose to mock a young person who was sharing her personal story; she was not after you or anyone else personally and your “blue funk” show was unbelievably stupid. Not only were your callers ignorant and uneducated, but you spew out the same trash night after night. Premiere Radio Networks should be ashamed, and throw your piece of trash off of the air.

That being said, I realize that the only thing that could ever hurt you is a swipe at your paycheck. You clearly lack any moral character and are nothing but a vessel from which bullsh*t pours — in the very name of the ratings you mocked NBC for desperately lunging at with their “green is universal” week. So, congratulations, it’s all about money — and millions of people look down on you.

We all hate you.

(insert name here).