The following may be common knowledge for those who are actively invested in working on the problem of global warming: There are well-funded groups that actively work to deny global warming for the sake of traditional industries that rely on burning fossil fuels (oil and gas, auto, steel). The lobbying groups and think tanks have names such as: “Global Climate Coalition,” or “American Petroleum Institute,” and they are funded by ExxonMobil and others.  How could someone who is not already familiar with them, not be confused?

But it is alarming to think about how many people in the U.S. have been misled by groups who have “green” names, that are actually producing fake science to trick the American people and prevent us from transitioning into a more sustainable society and developing new economies. The dying industries (oil, auto, etc.) are desperately trying to maintain control of our global economy, and our governments, at all costs. It is costing us too much.

Newsweek’s August 13 issue tackles this problem in some depth. I strongly recommend you read it – especially if this is a new topic for you, as it is both incredibly frustrating, and interesting – and as reports come out from various think tanks and groups, you will be sure to check them out a bit more. Many of these groups find fringe scientists, who are rather soul-less if you ask me, to produce reports that claim global warming is full of controversy.