My posts have been a bit more infrequent lately,  and I hope to not just cover what’s already being covered in the news. So I am sort of re-thinking how I would like to structure this blog… and write about environmental problems. However, if there is something out there that really strikes me I will definitely share it!

Something to mention is all of the coverage about extreme weather plaguing our globe – just take a look at CNN, NYTimes, etc. It’s in the news everyday. And while the coverage can seem to be a bit much, the events we are learning about are important. They fit into a larger picture that points to an increase in extreme weather, as well as temperature increases, as we feel the consequences of global warming.

The World Meteorological Organization estimates that the temperatures reached in 2007 will be the highest on record since 1880. Also, Lake Superior’s water level is dropping to lower levels than ever before, and its temperature is also dramatically rising. Lake Superior has the surface area of South Carolina, that is how big it is – and it is noticeably shrinking – that is a BIG DEAL. Large ships are carrying lighter loads of iron and other metals, to avoid hitting the lake bottom, and reporting significant economic losses.

Besides economic loss, serious concerns over water supply security have been raised. While scientists are not totally sure why the lake is dropping, they can say they are certainly leaning towards climate changes as a leading factor. This is not meant to be alarmist – rather a reminder that we must move quickly to act against global warming.