When the Senate energy bill was first introduced there was a buzz of excitement in the environmental community – as if we were all shouting: finally! They’re paying attention! But not really. Big Oil (or rather: big fossil fuel) refuses to let us progress, and senators are not listening to the public which overwhelmingly supports legislation to combat global warming. We may get some small steps here… but this is not going to help our energy problem.

True to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s statement – the Senate will wrap up its debate and voting on the energy bill today. They were supposed to vote on Senator Bingaman’s RES last night… we were all tuned into CSPAN as the senators shuffled and continued to talk, talk, talk. But no voting happened… and it is not likely that there will a vote on this provision at all.

The Senate may vote on the CAFE standard amendment offered by Senator Levin which would weaken the increases in fuel economy, and allow companies to opt out of the new requirments…   However – it is also possible that they will not vote on this (which I guess is good news considering…)