Majority Leader Harry Reid announced that the Senate will move through the over 100 amendments, and the energy bill itself, by the end of THIS Thursday – in order to get back to immigration. The Senate has the opportunity to start solving global warming.

Fuel-economy standards will be debated and voted on today, including the bad amendment offered by Senator Levin that would weaken corporate average fuel economy standards (CAFE).

Both coal to liquid (CTL) amendments failed yesterday – one was really bad, the other also bad but more of a compromise – neither made it through. That is good! It also, however, gives Republicans a reason to filibuster the whole bill as they want to see fossil fuels in there. President Bush has threatened a veto of the entire bill – but that is a long way away… and who knows if he really would.

We’re still waiting to hear about Senator Bingaman’s Renewable Energy Standard – which would mandate that 15 percent of our electricity needs are met with renewable energy sources by 2020… I was so hopeful about this one initially… less hopeful now… but not hopeLESS.

The next two days will be packed with votes and debates. It is clear that this is nowhere NEAR comprehensive climate change legislation, and given the way things are going it isn’t even a great step in the right direction. However, the vote on CAFE standards is huge, and if our senators vote the right way it will have an enormous impact on our global warming pollution and our wallets will be happier as well.

Lets hope this energy bill makes some definite movement toward a new energy future before it’s sidelined.