Since I am in D.C. and working for an organization that is keeping its eyes on the Senate as it debates the energy bill and its 10000 amendments, I thought it would be a great exercise in Congressional reporting to give daily updates as we hear it first!

Senator Domenici’s bad Renewable Energy Standard amendment failed yesterday in the Senate – 56 – 39 –  horray! This is good news. In his provision nuclear power was highlighted as first-choice renewable source, as well as some types of coal. It is hoped that those who voted against Domenici’s provision will vote in favor of Senator Bingaman’s Renewable Energy Standard next week… but we need to pick up a few more votes in order to do that. Senator McConnell, minority leader, has also threatened a veto on this amendment…

Senator Warner (R – Va.) proposed an amendment to expand offshore drilling to Virginia, but it also failed. It’s great that these two bad amendments did not go anywhere – lets hope that Bingaman’s does. There are, in fact, things that YOU can do to help this. You can call your Senator’s office and ask him or her to vote in favor of the Senate energy bill and the provisions you favor (such as Bingaman’s RES).

All that was really decided yesterday was that the Senate will not vote again until Tuesday… so that’s when we can expect more news on this bill.