May 31: Bush called for a new framework to tackle the international issue of climate change.  He wants to organize international meetings with “the world’s economic powers,” to create targets for global warming pollution reduction. His plan would not yield concrete results until 2008… conveniently as he walks out of office leaving unfinished business for the next President.

This vague language comes one week before the G8 meeting. Many other nations are calling for swift action to curb global warming pollution. Bush’s announcement is a clear attempt to muddy the waters for the next administration and stall efforts of other countries, and businesses that desire to take action much sooner.

President Bush’s initiative involves separate dialouge among world leaders, something that might undermine existing international conversation about this issue, and its timeframe is far too slow.

A senior official at the White House on why they are announcing this now: “we’re ready…you can only start when you’re ready to start.” good grief.