May 1, 2007 marks the beginning of a yearlong series on NPR (in collaboration with National Geographic) about climate change called “Climate Connections.”

NPR began with an in depth story about Charles (aka: Dave) Keiling, who first began taking air samples atop a dormant volcano, Mauna Loa, in Hawaii in the 1950’s. He analyzed the amount of CO2 in each sample, collected on a daily basis for decades, and plotted the relative amounts of CO2 on a graph. This graph represents the beginning of climate change studies, and it is the very same graph that motivated Al Gore to educate others about the consequences of climate change. Keiling knew he was onto something, and it is incredible that he pursued his studies at a time when climate change was considered fringe science. It is thanks to his dedicated research that we are aware climate change is occurring, and that we are the cause.