Vanity Fair Green Issue Cover

Vanity Fair’s May 2007 issue is its “Green Issue” – I picked it up in Alaska on the way out into the wilderness no less! It features interviews with ohh-ah stars like Leo DiCaprio, Robert Redford, and some actual real activists – including an article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Some of it is fluffy (the page insert that tells you disposable paper towels are a good idea as you don’t have to wash them like regular towels or dishcloths… that is off the mark), some is fun to look at (the pictures of stars flaunting their hybrids and organic clothes).

And some of it is right on: there is an article on one of (if not THE) biggest environmental lawsuits in world history – concerning a region in the Ecuadorian Amazon that has been devastated by decades of Texaco’s (now Chevron) oil drilling – a region known as Lago Agrio. There is also an article about those terrible organizations that focus on fringe science and global warming skepticism… the article discusses how they are subsidized by the oil industry (mainly ExxonMobil). It is exciting to think about all of the people who will read these articles that were likely previously unaware of any of these issues.

The global-warming-ready ads by Diesel can still be found littered throughout – as well as a new one that states “clothing for a changing world.” hm.

Note: 3 of my former co-workers from the State PIRGS and/or Sierra Student Coalition were featured in one of the shoots – that is awesome you guys!