In an article published 3/13 in the New York Times, we see a disturbing article authored by Bill Broad: “From a rapt audience, a call to cool the hype.” In his piece, Broad utilized the scientific fringe, climate change skeptics, in a shameful effort to present “balanced” reporting on climate change – an issue that has jumped to the forefront of Americans’ minds over the past year.

It is no surprise that Broad calls upon the “skeptic environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg, among other “academics” in the vast minority, but it is surprising that the New York Times published this piece of nonsense. It is upsetting, as thousands of people who glanced at this article and read part or all of it undoubtedly felt confused, and instilled with fabricated doubt. It is not only surprising, upsetting and shameful – it is irresponsible given the well supported, well known scientific reports that have also been released affirming global warming in recent months!