Take action for greener cars


There are 232 million registered cars in the U.S. – that is almost one car/person

The average American driver consumes 600 gallons of fuel annually

Cars & trucks (not the entire transportation sector) driven in the U.S. emit 333 million tons of CO2 annually – over 20% of our total emissions

Americans drive 2.7 TRILLION miles annually (equivalent to ten trips to the moon)

Approximately 75% of all car trips taken are for distances of 5 miles or less


Corn based or sugarcane based ethanol are viable alternatives to oil-based fuels

Viable technological solutions are those that allow us to continue our current levels of consumption; we should not consider altering our habits


Technology alone will not change or solve our car culture. Biofuels cannot replace oil and/or allow us to continue with business as usual.

Technological advances coupled with minor to significant changes in individuals’ behavior is the solution.