Britain became the first country to introduce legislation that would mandate a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. FINALLY. Such green talk is full of hope, while also potentially an empty promise in effort to capitalize on the emergence of the environment as a hot political issue. We can only hope these conversations and bills arise from genuine concern for the environment and our societies’ survival, rather than short term political gain.

The legislation, if passed, will require Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by 60% by 2050. The Climate Change Bill better reflects the urgency and action necessary to reverse our negative impacts on the environment. 2050 is too far in the future; the target date should be 2015. There is worldwide agreement that global warming is a huge and urgent problem, and we have the solutions necessary to reduce our emissions. Scientists also agree we have a ten year window of opportunity to reverse our course of action to avoid catastrophe. That considered, it seems careless – no immoral – to wait at all!

At least one country is ready to step it up even if the target date is not ideal; hopefully their walk will equal their talk – and other countries will follow.