A number of Fortune 500 executives testified before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on February 13 in favor of mandatory caps on greeenhouse gas emissions, as they feel that voluntary action of businesses is not enough to compel profit-seeking corporations to action against global warming. No way!

After the hearing, many business execs, enviros, gathered together for dinner in NYC to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the World Resources Institute, a large environmental think tank. Al Gore, Thomas Friedman and GE CEO Jim Immelt were the three keynote speakers at the gala. All stressed the importance of adopting greener practices (for different reasons…). Thomas Friedman articulated the importance of “solving climate change” and stated that the only reason they were all in the same room was due to the potential profits of green practices in a world of changing resources.

The whole story

I’d like to think that the profitable future of green business practices is not the only reason these execs the government, and NGO’s got together – but it is exciting regardless.

Take a look at IKEA’s awesome green practices, as they should be a benchmark for all other corporations – ideally the minimum.