The Weather Channel (TWC) has created a website devoted to accurate science news and presentation of the facts surrounding global climate change, and the expected rise in extreme weather. The website is: One Degree – Climate Change.

An exerpt from the mission of One Degree:

“The site’s name, One Degree, is a reference to the one degree Fahrenheit of warming the earth has experienced in the past century and how something so seemingly small as a single degree can change the world.”

Dr. Heidi Cullen, Climate Expert and blogger with TWC, wrote a gripping blog about global climate change and the media’s responsibility to provide information to the American people. She “…is a scientist, and a skeptic.” A skeptic who admits that there is adequpate knowledge that climate change is happening, and that with this knowledge comes the responsibility to share it with others. At least one media outlet is devoted to providing complete information to the American people. To be clear, TWC is not taking a political position with regard to this issue, it is simply stating that global warming is happening and that we must address it in politics – as it is an issue that is not going away.