I feel like we’re floating, baby…
Diesel Brand’s latest ad campaign focuses on global warming – declaring their clothes “global warming ready” in the corner of each dramatic ad.

The first ad I saw in Elle magazine features a man and woman lounging on the top of a New York City skyscraper. They are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean that has inundated the city and covered all but the tops of tall buildings. The couple, however, does not seem concerned – afterall they are scantily clad in 2007 haute couture – why worry!?

These ads annoy me. It seems that some, perhaps many, people are under the impression that Diesel is making global warming “cool” and giving it a lot of press. They feature lifestyle activism tips on their website and promote http://www.stopglobalwarming.org. I still feel that these ads communicate to most that they should, rather than worry about weather changes we are experiencing, dress for the weather and consume to cope. The ads reinforce our short term economic thinking, conspicuous consumption – and ethnocentric lifestyle. Why worry about global warming, after all – if the ocean gets warm enough and rises enough – you can go to the beach right there in the big apple!